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Research Triangle Park, NC (July 1, 1997) -- Lineberry Research Associates (LRA) today announced the celebration of their two year anniversary.

Established on July 1, 1995, LRA is a full-service contract research organization (CRO) and strategic consulting firm that was created following the Glaxo Wellcome merger. Founded by husband and wife team, Charles G. Lineberry, Ph.D. and Cathy Frieden Lineberry, after a combined 30 year tenure with Burroughs Wellcome Co., LRA was borne out of a vision to build a new kind of contract research organization (CRO).

"We wanted to fill what we saw as a major unmet need in the CRO marketplace - a company that could provide high level strategic consulting services. Most CROs just implement a plan that has been designed by a pharmaceutical company. Our staff can help design the plan itself...then implement it. Many of our clients have told us that they have selected LRA because of our proven experience in doing this type of planning," said Charles G. Lineberry, President of LRA.

LRA began as a two person operation out of the Lineberry home. Within several months, business was brisk enough to necessitate a move into their current office space in one of the Research Commons buildings in Research Triangle Park. They have since doubled their original space, with plans to expand again by the end of the summer. LRA has grown to over 20 employees in the past two years, with plans to continue expanding while still maintaining the high quality service that clients have come to respect and value. About one third of the employees have come from Burroughs Wellcome or Glaxo Wellcome; the others have come from the surrounding universities, other drug companies, CROs, or government research.

"As we reach this anniversary, we look back upon two very successful years. We have been able to attract clients by offering them an experienced team with proven success in drug development. We believe the repeat business from our existing clients is an indication that we are able to deliver the high quality service and personalized attention we set out to provide. Working with a wide variety of clients has really given us the opportunity to expand our areas of expertise. We have worked with clients from large pharmaceutical companies to small biotech ventures, and hope to continue branching out into new therapeutic areas as the needs of our clients demand." said Cathy Frieden Lineberry, cofounder of LRA and Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.

"The Park has been a great location for us. Proximity to the universities, the credibility the address brings and the services of places like the North Carolina Biotechnology Center have been invaluable. We are fortunate that our business has really taken off, and we believe the Park has played an integral role in our success." continued Ms. Lineberry.

Due to the growth of LRA and the expansion of the Internet as a business resource, LRA has recently become engaged in developing a web site. LRA hopes the web page will serve as an information source for clients and potential employees as well as mark one more step in the growth of the company. Interested parties will be able to contact LRA at by late July.

Lineberry Research Associates is a full-service contract research organization that provides complete development capabilities, from IND application to NDA approval and post-marketing, with particular expertise in CNS, anesthesia and analgesia. In addition to managing clinical trials, LRA differentiates itself by providing its pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related clients with high level scientific and regulatory consulting services and proven expertise in scientific writing and communications.


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